Some things don't change.

That's me in the middle flanked by my mom and my older sister. We are in the family car, a PV Volvo. I grew up on a small farm in south-central Sweden. In 1965, when the picture was taken, we had two channels on our television: TV1 and TV2. Turning the TV on and off was easy, even for a three year old. The television in my home today has umpteen number of channels and it takes four remotes to operate it and its add ons. It's is crazy complicated. 


For a nonprofit, its vital to pay attention to new communication tools, and to the changes they usher into society. It's true that a good case for support is in sync with the times and relevant to its audience. It's it's also true that it is easy to become enamored with the latest. 

Communication styles and fads and tools sweep in and out of fashion, but the underlying themes of an outstanding case for charitable support remain constant. They include our need for connection, for relevance, for meaning, and our propensity to be compassionate and to be a channel for good.     

Pay attention first to the message and then look for a way to deliver it to its audience.