Make it remarkable!

In the marketplace of causes the remarkable standout.

They are the organizations and the people who do things in a way that make others remark, talk. The Irish writer and poet Oscar Wilde said, "The only thing that's worse than being talked about is not being talked about." Talk, the sharing of ideas, fuels change. It is the only thing that does. This is true across the sector, whether the cause is for better access to healthcare in local communities or for sustainable farming practices in Burundi.

What are your donors talking about? Does the case for your cause spark conversation? Does it ignite passion?  Is it driving change for the better?

The road to remarkable begins long before you sit down with a donor. It begins with a strategic, well-crafted case for support. 

This case maker

Febe Galvez-Voth is a thinker, an experienced communicator and case writer. 

Since 1999, Febe has worked almost exclusively with nonprofit organizations, developing cases for support that have helped clients from across western Canada stand out in the increasingly crowded nonprofit marketplace. Her work has helped charities reach funding goals of up to $100 million. 

Febe holds a master of arts in applied communications (2006). Her thesis, Words To Give By, was the first study in Canada that examined the language of fundraising. The work was nominated for the Royal Roads University Outstanding Thesis of the Year.

The case blog

Your success as a fundraiser is very much linked to your ability to communicate....Join me on my blog, Making the case for your cause. That's where I share perspectives and ideas about the case and other things that can help you become a better communicator. 

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